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  • Your Guide to Agile Methodologies

    Your Guide to Agile Methodologies

    Agile, Scrum, FDD, Lean, and Kanban

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  • Spotlight on Women in Lean: Julia Wester

    Spotlight on Women in Lean: Julia Wester

    In March, SolutionsIQ included us in their article, “Getting to Equal in an Agile Workplace,” as one of the tools that can help teams achieve transparency while tracking the progress of...

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  • 5 Lean Blogs to Help You Improve Efficiency

    5 Lean Blogs to Help You Improve Efficiency

    A key part of continuous improvement (one of the pillars of Lean) is continuous education - keeping your brain actively engaged with Lean ideas. Reading Lean blogs can keep Lean principles...

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  • 5 Benefits of Lean for Marketers

    Being a effective marketer today requires creativity, strategic thinking, and most importantly - focus. With thousands of channels and mediums available to market to prospects and customers,...

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  • Train Your Brain to Single-Task with Kanban

    Multitasking is a silent killer of productivity, disguised as a ‘life hack.’ In their book Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life, authors Dr. Paul Hammerness and Margaret Moore describe how...

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  • Regain Focus with Kanban

    How often do you find yourself at work flipping between tabs, unable to complete a thought before moving onto something else? You go from answering an email to checking a Facebook...

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  • Why Great Customer Service in a Lean Company Matters

    The ultimate goal of Lean management is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Traditionally focused on manufacturing and software development, customer value comes in the form...

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  • New Look, Same LeanKit

    You may have noticed a few small changes recently in LeanKit, namely the font and color. These changes are just a couple of examples of the many small changes we will be making as we update our UI...

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  • Goodbye Manual User Management, Hello Automated User Provisioning

    Picture this: 10,000 employees and 20 enterprise-wide applications with an average of ten new hires and five exiting employees a week. Now imagine the amount of time someone spends creating,...

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  • New Release: More Ways to Connect Work, More Visibility

    If you’re trying to be more lean and agile, you know it’s important to decouple work and limit cross-functional dependencies. While dependencies often present risks to fast, continuous delivery,...

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  • Kanban with JIRA

    LeanKit is a powerful Lean-Kanban tool that enables teams to visualize and manage their work processes. It is popular with IT Operations teams because it allows more flexibility than a...

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  • An Open Letter to our Customers and Partners from Tim Mulron & Jon Terry

    Today, we are excited to announce that LeanKit has been acquired by Planview, and we are joining the Planview portfolio of work and resource management (WRM) solutions. By combining our two...

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  • Feature FOMO: LeanKit Features You've Been Missing

    Feature FOMO: LeanKit Features You've Been Missing

    As an avid LeanKit user, you might think you know all that the product has to offer, but there are probably a number of features you are not completely familiar with (and are missing out...

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  • 8 Kanban Board Examples for Engineering & Manufacturing Organizations

    Many engineering and manufacturing companies choose LeanKit to help them to gain visibility into and manage their work. We are increasingly impressed with both the diversity and utility...

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  • How LeanKit Uses LeanKit for Kanban Process Improvement

    When you’re first implementing Kanban, it’s easy to grasp the early and obvious benefits of visualizing your work: Benefits like maximizing your time, tracking progress more effectively, and...

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  • A Guide to Navigating Integrations: Pros and Cautions

    In 2007, Steve Jobs opened a keynote presentation promising the world three new products — a widescreen touch iPod, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet device. But in a twist...

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  • The Evolution of Agile Portfolio Management for Scaled Agile Success

    In this partner webinar, hosted by Tasktop, LeanKit Executive Consultant, Jasper Sonnevelt, and Tasktop Product Manager, Trevor Bruner, will discuss how your organization can enable scaled Agile...

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  • Agile: The Key to Faster, More Responsive Marketing

    In this webinar, you’ll hear firsthand about Agile marketing and why it gives you a competitive advantage in your marketing operations. Agile Marketing experts from AgileSparks and Terminus...

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  • Value Stream Mapping for Software Development

    Depending on your background, you might have different ideas when you hear the term value stream mapping. In manufacturing, value stream mapping refers to analyzing the current state of the...

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  • Scaling Up: Why Organizational Alignment is Critical and Tips for Achieving It

    Scaling Up: Why Organizational Alignment is Critical and Tips for Achieving It

    In this webinar, founder and CEO of Net Objectives, Al Shalloway, addresses the cost of misaligned teams for large and growing organizations. Al discusses how to make iterative improvements to...

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